Let's Spread Some Mess Around There


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released May 23, 2014



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Pretty pour la voix, Loud pour le son, Rock n' Roll pour l'esprit.
THE LAMOURETTES est un power trio à l'énergie spontanée mené avec intensité par la chanteuse guitariste Manon, Vince à la basse et Marco à la batterie. Ce groupe délivre un rock tendu et émotif, se noyant dans un panel d'influences telles que The Bellrays, PJ Harvey, The Dead Weather ou encore Triggerfinger. ... more

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Track Name: Curled Up
She brings her trolley around Calais
And she's curled up
She always complains, has rheumatism
And she's curled up


She had lots of fun
She was dancing like a dog
Babylon and money wouldn't hurt her
When she was dancin' on Jagger's songs

She doesn't understand much now
She leaves her life lying around
Kind of escape from that life
Where lies are not so white

'cause BLACK

She sees all in black
She wanna find hope
But she keeps on hanging around
Curled up on her dressing gown

At that moment
He rolls, rolls, rolls on worn sections
While the bells are ringing
Somebody misses her
Maybe a butterfly which flies to a shooting star ?
Track Name: Your Substance
Your substance is killing me slowly for each gulp you take
The distance is bringing me down every time you miss

Sometimes I feel miserable and useless
When your indifference equals my anger
I reach to gain a little of your respect
And bring you out of vice

Your substance is pulling me down for each drop you taste
The distance is bringing me slowly to a new point of view

And I try hard to negotiate with you
But you complain when the deal is done
I reach for all the liquids in your veins
When you swallow your substance again

Sometimes I feel naive, some others I'm aware
And now I can understand
Your respect reached some bloody heights
When your anger equals my indifference
Track Name: Dear Teens
Everybody got to remember these old past years
Of course we grew up too fast in a world of insanes
We tried to keep ourselves clean until the end
The envy threaten us, forcibly it takes your hand

Dear teens, where are you gone?
I even don't have the feeling that I'm less alone

We're all little pieces in an assembly-line world
What gonna happen to me? What gonna happen to us?
I don't know...

Let me just remind you, listen to me now
Don't you miss that time when our hopes were so high?
Dear old freedom, don't wanna make a choice
The unrest stays, while my wishes go back to where they're from

Dear teens, look that you've done
I even don't wanna go on when I look back at you now

Oh I miss, I miss that good carefreeness
Let's spread, let's spread some mess around there
Track Name: Taxidermist (feat. Paul Steen)
There is a girl walkin' in the night
Straw hat on her head, she feels alright
Pretty kitten looking for some company
A male escort is all she needs

To satisfy her black desire
She wets your appetite and she chats you up tight

In gloomy streets she opens her heart to you
In return she ask to give a little of you
You get excited but you don't know what it means
She says: "You're among those I'm gonna keep"

She pulls you and you're already trapped
You get carried away, now you thrill

She's a taxidermist
She stuffs every man she had sex with
She has never been able to keep any man
Now she's got her revenge

Then, mess around come
Such an infernal merry-go-round
First of all, she impales you by surprise
Cuts your body open until you die

And you can see in her eyes
The pleasure she got to clean you out

She fills the void by cramming you full
And with straw she replaces your bowels
Stitch a wound up is not to easy
When hers are not healed yet

You're just like a trophy for her
A display in a funeral museum

She's a taxidermist
She stuffs every man she had sex with
She has never been able to keep any man
Now she's got her revenge !
Track Name: Self Made Man
I’m a self made man
I need nobody to roll
No one wait for me
‘Cause I got no home
I hit the road
‘Cause I flee from the world

Can’t stand in this world of show-off
Can’t pretend to be like them all
I want to be heard, and not to be seen
But nowadays this is a dream

I’m a self made man
I got no navel
And I have no belief
‘Cause I think on my own
I’m the only one to know
What means to be alone, yeah yeah yeah

I wish I could live in another time
It could be in 1969
I wanna spread love, and do it for free
Kiss my ennemy and be the last man really free

I’m a self made man
And I fuck society
Got no team but
My own identity
I take sides for nobody
‘Cause I got the power in me