Dear Teens from "Let's Spread Some Mess Around There" EP
Released the 15th of may


Everybody got to remember these old past years
Of course we grew up too fast in a world of insanes
We tried to keep ourselves clean until the end
The envy threaten us, forcibly it takes your hand

Dear teens, where are you gone?
I even don't have the feeling that I'm less alone

We're all little pieces in an assembly-line world
What gonna happen to me? What gonna happen to us?
I don't know...

Let me just remind you, listen to me now
Don't you miss that time when our hopes were so high?
Dear old freedom, don't wanna make a choice
The unrest stays, while my wishes go back to where they're from

Dear teens, look that you've done
I even don't wanna go on when I look back at you now

Oh I miss, I miss that good carefreeness
Let's spread, let's spread some mess around there


from Let's Spread Some Mess Around There, released May 23, 2014



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Pretty pour la voix, Loud pour le son, Rock n' Roll pour l'esprit.
THE LAMOURETTES est un power trio à l'énergie spontanée mené avec intensité par la chanteuse guitariste Manon, Vince à la basse et Marco à la batterie. Ce groupe délivre un rock tendu et émotif, se noyant dans un panel d'influences telles que The Bellrays, PJ Harvey, The Dead Weather ou encore Triggerfinger. ... more

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